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Plein air artists!
Introducing the most significant online event for your future as an artist...

“Give Us Just 3 Days, And We’ll  
Hand You ALL The Best Painting Secrets From 27 Of The World’s Best Plein Air Artists…
Speeding Your Progress Faster Than Any Art School In America!

March 10-12, 2022 
with Beginner's Day on March 9  

If you can see this video 👆, your technology will be ready for PleinAir Live 👍

Watch live online from the comfort of your home or studio. Ask questions and chat in real-time with other artists from around the world! 🌎


Day One starts March 10 @ 9:00am CT

You’ll discover invaluable insights and wisdom from artists who are making a living with their art today. They’re revealing career-level tips and strategies on how to get your art noticed, displayed, and SOLD.

And they’re sharing everything they know during our third annual
LIVE Plein Air Virtual Event...

Join us from the comfort of your home…
Without having to worry about viruses… flights… hotel costs… 
jet lag… travel bans… or “getting stuck in quarantine!”

(Limited seats available. Keep reading to see how to qualify...)

Here are some of the artists you’ll meet and paint with during the event…
...and many more to be announced!
Accelerate Your Progress With The ULTIMATE Plein Air Online Conference!
Have you ever felt like you’re not progressing as much as you should be? Or that you keep making the same mistakes again and again, and you’re not quite sure what you’re doing wrong? 

If yes, then this event is perfect for you. Because we’re going to take you from where you are today, and fast-track your progress so you’ll get where you want to be sooner. You’ll get to slash your learning time by watching how some of the world top artists are doing it - lessons you won’t get anywhere else.

In the last 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of painters improve their craft no matter their medium or skill level. And today, we’re inviting YOU to join us!
There will be critiques, question and answer sessions, roundtable discussions, and group painting!

Even if you’re NOT a plein air artist, this event will open your mind and expose you to even MORE techniques that could greatly improve your art.

As long as you have a passion for art, this is one event you won’t want to miss!

Reviews for our previous LIVE events:
"This was the ultimate art conference! So convenient being able to be at home, and have the replays. Stellar lineup of Artists. Thanks for everyone's hard work in making this happen for us." 
- Gloria Checketts Rudd
"The conference was AMAZING! I loved the demo, the critiques, the historical art information and the hysterical comedic relief. I was waiting for Bob Ross to hit his brush on his easel. So many more things I loved." 
- Diane Goulet-Kozar
"I'm watching now, and I’m like a sponge and absorbing everything! Thank you sooo much for having this wonderful experience, learning incredible lessons with the amazing Artists. I’m feeling blessed and this is only the first day!" 
- Jenny Athos
3 Days of Instruction From The World’s Best Plein Air Artists - A Historical Event!
Becoming a well-respected plein air artist can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take, and this slows down their progress. The fastest way for any artist to get better at their craft is through instruction from those with real experience, particularly those who have spent most of their lives down in the trenches making a living through their art.

That is why I’ve asked over 27 top plein air artists from around the world to share their most valuable insights. I created this event so you don’t have to waste years of trial and error. All you need to do is watch, listen, and take notes. By the end of the event, your head will be swimming in ideas. 

Fair warning - you’re going to learn a lot. But don’t worry if you can’t watch everything - you’ll get REPLAY ACCESS so you can watch the entire event in your own free time!

Reviews for our previous LIVE events:
"I already miss all the interaction and energy. The years of expertise and instruction shared and knowledge gained in just a few days is unbelievable! I am so looking forward to Watercolor Live. Totally inspired! Thank you for this opportunity! Already signed up for Watercolor Live!" 
- Trish Dorton
"I found it wonderful and inspiring. The motivation I needed to get back on track after pandemic derailment. I discovered great artists and a couple instructors I'll be reaching out to for mentorship: Daniel Gerhartz and Dan Thompson. Thank you!" 
- Ann Michelle
"This had been amazingly diverse and informative. My head is swimming." 
- Karen Maurer
What Artists Just Like You Said About Our 
Last Live Life-Changing Events:
" was THE pivotal life changing event in my art career!" 
- Patricia Gray
"I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Realism Live rocked my world, is a game changer and life changing for me. I learned so much from everyone that presented and in the chats. I am encouraged, inspired, and so in awe of everything I learned (brain overload still - lol) I cried through watching several demos. This event was exactly what I needed to validate what I want to do. Now all I need to do, as Pierre would say, “Go Paint”. Which is exactly what I’m going to do." 
- Katie Manner
"This was the best investment I could have made in my art. You pulled off a really magnificent feat. I've worked in the film industry, practiced law, taught law, and served as executive director of a large non-profit. Putting together a live program with 300 attendees is a bear. (I've done it). Getting anything major done on an internet platform is hard enough. Putting on a live virtual program with attendees from around the world during a pandemic? With top flight faculty? Managing to connect artists virtually? Kudos, hats off, bravo. And special kudos to your IT team. They deserve champagne at the very least." 
- Liza Karsai
"The level of skill, and the manner in which it was presented by the artists just reached inside me and pulled out inspiration, and built confidence in very unexpected ways. I did not just learn technical skills, but met hearts, minds and souls. If that weren't enough, the community built through chat and zoom took the whole experience to a level nearing out of this world. Then we add the generosity of sponsors and Eric and his team, and now we are out of this world! My heart is full, my head is full, and my inspiration is on full steam. 
I know life is different because of this experience, I can't wait to find out just what that means!" 
- Jodi Epp
"This is probably the best thing I've ever done in my life. Eric brought tears to my eyes." 
- Doris Mady
Save Yourself Years Of Trial & Error By Having Over 27 Of The World’s Best Plein Air Instructors Guide You!
You’re lucky. Not many artists have the opportunity to be exposed to such a wide variety of artists, let alone have them all teach and share invaluable insights. This kind of exposure speeds up your understanding of what it takes to become a great plein air artist. It’s almost like a plein air bootcamp, but without all the strenuous activities… because you’re going to paint in the comfort and safety of your own home!

After this event, your painting confidence will be through the roof

You’ll start painting things you never believed you could paint

You’ll start to believe that you’re good enough, and can finally ‘switch off’ the anxiety us artists have to deal with every single day. 

Instead of wondering if you’re progressing enough, or have reached a plateau with your skills… put all those thoughts to rest by seeing how others are doing it. Plus, you’ll also make new friends!

Reviews for our previous LIVE events:
"This has been a wonderful, inspiring 5 days! I wish it could have been live, but it has been well done through technology, even with the glitches, given everything. I have met and made many new friends and hope to stay in touch." 
- Bonnie Funk
"I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and learned so much. 
Congratulations to all the team and a huge THANK YOU." 
- Christine Cochrane
Make New Connections, Build Long-Lasting Friendships, And Meet New Mentors!
As you may already know, having connections and networking is important. Because the more new people you meet, the better your chances of getting your art EXPOSED! When you attend Plein Air Live, you’re going to meet new friends of all levels, mentors who are willing to take on new students, or if you’re an instructor yourself, you could even find new students!

Plein Air Live is an online, virtual event, and many artists who have attended before made friends from all over the world. People who they would never have met otherwise! If you want your art exposed to even more people, both locally and internationally, this is the event you don’t want to miss!

Reviews for our previous LIVE events:
"I’m so glad I made the call to invest in myself by joining PleinAir Live. It was worth it. I am worth it. Cheers to many happy years of painting with new artist friends and mentors by my side (virtually). And in person in the near future I hope." 
- Katy Smith
"What a spectacular 5 days!!! Something unique and inspiring from each artist and talks. I look forward to reviewing it all but miss the interaction with new friends online. Thanks for Dreamliners and Realism Live FB sites to stay in touch. Can't wait for Watercolor Live. Eric I hope you will continue these Live conferences because many I've spoken to in breakout rooms need these... " 
- Ann Heim
"Best $ and time I ever spent. So inspiring and helpful. What a wonderful and encouraging way to spend time during these times studying with national and internationally known artists, with old friends and a ton of new friends. To be continued." 
- Shirl Akers
Check Out The 3-Day Agenda Here!
All times listed are in Central Standard Time (CDT). Convert to your time zone by clicking the question mark icon next to each time listing.
* Agenda timing and faculty may be subject to change

For the first time ever...

Create Your Own PERSONAL ROADMAP to Become The Artist You've Always Wanted During This LIVE, 4-Day VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE

Here’s How The Event Works!
After registering, check your email for information about the event. The week before we start, you'll get an email with a special link. Simply click on that link — it will direct you to the right page. And that’s it! You can watch the event on your phone, tablet, computer, or even your TV! (if your tv can connect to the internet)

Try to be on time, because we’re going to start the event with a BANG! Make sure you have coffee ready because things are going to get pretty crazy and fun. Now you can just watch if you don’t feel like participating, but we highly recommend you do - we want to feel your energy!

After the morning welcome, we’ll jump right into the first demonstration. You can paint along or draw with the artist, or just take notes. It’s best if you can watch while drawing or painting, you’ll learn much faster this way. You should definitely pick up some paper and brushes.
Can't make the dates?
You don’t have to worry about missing anything because you can watch the replay later (everyone will get a replay, but access to it depends on the ticket you purchased)
A couple of times each day, we’ll hold breakout sessions where you can meet other artists . This is the best part! Because this is your chance to get to know people from all over the world! 

Make new friends, discuss each other’s artwork, or talk about what you’ve learned. You may even get to meet potential new mentors or students! 
After that, it’s back to more lessons.

At the end of each day, we’ll have a virtual online cocktail hour! Our host, Eric Rhoads, will carry on a conversation with the entire group worldwide. And, if you want, you can paint along. We’ll provide a live model, a scene, or a project to paint each day. 

Oh, if you’re a beginner or need a refresher, you can join our Beginner's Day. Some of our top plein air artists will be your instructors - giving you the right fundamentals every good artist needs. Even if you’re not a beginner, it’s a good idea to join so you’ll get the complete experience of PleinAir Live!

We’re so excited to have you join us. We understand that art can be a struggle, but more than anything… it’s supposed to be fun. We are here to help you overcome the struggle. 

It’s something we love doing because it’s our passion. After the event, you’re going to find yourself recalling lessons over the coming months as you paint and practice. 

And you'll have access to our private members-only facebook group so you can stay in touch with your new friends.

Every brushstroke you make will be based on tips and advice by some of the world’s best artists. The more you watch the replays and read the notes, the more you’ll recall. Sooner or later, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your plein air painting ability.

A Fraction of the Cost of a Workshop or Convention!
At PleinAir Live, you’re getting over 40 hours of training in 3 days with the world’s best.

You could easily spend more than $2,000 to get that much training!

Not only that ... you could easily drop $2,000-$3,000 (or more) attending a live convention by the time you’re done paying for the ticket, airfare, hotel, rentals, meals, and other expenses.

Compare that to the price of attending this online conference ... it’s like we’re giving everything for barely anything!

Remember - you’ll have over 27 top PleinAir artists teaching you!

And don’t forget... 

You’ll get replay access so you can go through the material in your own time later!
Three Incredible Days
Ready To Take Your PleinAir Skills To The Next Level?
Save $3,000+  No travel, airfare, meals, or hotel!
Order by phone at (561) 327-6121 

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Book your pre-show discount and save $200 off the Onsite Rate. 

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  • Replay access until March 20 (7 days)
  • PleinAir Live Community
  • Happy Hour Paint Along
3 DAYS OF Pleinair LIVE

  • Replay access until May 12 (60 days)
  • PleinAir Live Community
  • Happy Hour Paint Along


  • Replay access for one year (365 days)
  • PleinAir Live Community
  • Happy Hour Paint Along
  • 👉 Gift Certificate for $400 in Art Instruction Videos (Hundreds of Art Instruction Videos to choose from) 🤩
☝️☝️☝️ 365 day replay and $400 in art instruction videos* 🎉
Order by phone at (561) 327-6121 
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Completely NEW To Plein Air?
Join Our Pre-Event Beginner’s Day Session!
(March 9, 2022)
This day is optional, but highly recommended!
Plein Air can be daunting if you’re new, but that’s why we have a Beginner’s Day!

This special day is created for those who want to learn or go over the vital basic fundamentals of plein air painting. And there’s no better way than to learn directly from some of the world’s best plein air instructors!

This day is perfect if you want to make sure you get the most out of the 4-day event. If you don’t yet have the confidence to display your plein air skills to the world, then this one-day beginner crash course will make sure you’ll be up to speed ASAP!

If you’ve never tried plein air before and you’re not sure if you have what it takes, then we highly recommend you sign up for our Beginner’s Day… because after it, you’ll finally get to call yourself an artist, and be proud of it!
All times listed are in Central Standard Time (CST). Convert to your timezone by clicking the question-mark icon next to each time listing.
* Agenda timing and faculty may be subject to change
A one-day pre-event offering “the basics” to beginners who want to learn to paint outdoors!

Cost: $297

Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Time: 12 noon - 6 p.m. ET

Replay access until March 16 (7 days). Extended replay access available with your Premiere or VIP-level ticket.


All times listed in Central Time. Click the time to adjust to your time zone.

The “Artist Appreciation” 
100% Money-Back Guarantee!
Think about this. What if your painting and drawing could improve dramatically? How would you feel?

Even if you believe this won't work for you... There is no risk. If after the first day, you don’t feel that day is worth 100% of what you paid for the full three days, let us know by the end of that day and we’ll refund all your money and you’ll get day one for free.

Also, you can cancel any time before the event for a full refund.

This is a rare chance to see an amazing lineup of the world's very top artists, and a rare time they are all together in one event. You don’t want to skip this chance, and you'll want to grab a seat. The only way to get this is to get it before we run out of seats.

And, if you can't make the dates... sign up anyway so you can have access to the replays, which you can watch over and over.
We Don’t Hold Back!
Read What Artists Just Like You Said About Our Previous Life-Changing Events:
"Absolutely heaven for painters. If anything can take our minds off a pandemic it was realism live, what a hoot, such a brilliant program that stimulated my brain and imagination, taught me new skills and gave me new ideas to try. I loved meeting the other painters and Eric and Peter. The Bob Ross inclusion was hilarious. The quality work of the artists demonstrating was awe inspiring and then to top it all off, just after it finished my swagbag arrived with goodies galore. The only difficulty will be deciding which videos to choose as part of my VIP pack. Awesome conference guys, thanks so much." 
- Vicki Sullivan
"After over 50 years making my living as a fine art printmaker (intaglio), I painted as a sideline, learning by trial and error. For years I struggled to loosen up trying to make my realistic drawings impressionistic paintings. After this week, I came home to myself, true. Thank you." 
- Harriet Huff
"Goodness, where would I start! The whole event was wonderful and life changing and helpful and useful and positive all around.  The list of great things could just keep going and going." 
- Katrina Gorman
"I was blown away by the talent of the faculty of RealismLive!! I came away from the experience feeling like this art community is part of a large family. I just realized after attending #RealismLive this week, art unites. Artists from across the globe were there sharing their skills and knowledge in the pursuit of art, sustaining itself, like a nurturing family. Loved Bob Ross and Peter’s costumes. What fun group of people. Truly inspiring. I’m catching the wind, and it’s filling my sail. Thank you, Streamline Publishing team and faculty." 
- Renee Nath
"I spent 4 wonderful, interesting, valuable days with demonstrations by great artists, valuable, specialist and art-historical lectures and amiable encounters with artists. The whole thing went in a harmonious, happy atmosphere where Eric and Peter did a great job. I thank all the organizers and lecturers. I thank you all very much for your fantastic work! I already signed up for January." 
- Elisabeth Sorger
"As a plein air painter I dived in over my head here! I knew that after Plein Air Live I was in for top notch teaching and education. I am glad I got the 60 days. I will need that to really digest the content. I didn't hesitate a moment to sign up for Watercolor Live as a result of the excellent product you are producing. I do hope that you have some great "teachers" like Jean Haines who is top notch at teaching and very inspiring!" 
- Cindy Rutherford
"Loved it! Exceeded expectations. The faculty demos in particular blew me away. Seeing some of the stars struggle with their early stage constructs, really gave me confidence because I also struggle early on. More next year please!" 
- Clarke Boulter
"Heartfelt thanks for a life-changing, and skill changing event. The conference from beginning to end was an entry into a new, but not surprising, multi layered reality. Four days of Realism Live traversed the interlocking manifold of art. What an expansive accomplishment on your part! Bravo! If I had spoken during a breakout session, I would have wanted to convey my enthusiasm for having discovered Realism Live. 

For me, the conference was perfect timing! I was an educator and art teacher. At my professional core was to promote the actualization of art as a core practice in life. We concur ... Art Nourishes! Continuously and for decades, I've bared witness to art, as it fosters learning and prompts the unfolding of understanding. 

Now, and because of the conference, I've glimpsed, that you are molding and influencing history. How so? By supporting the intimate exposure of groundbreaking artists. Not less, you're fast forwarding artists' skills as they are forging ahead in unknown ways! From this artist, I say wholehearted thank you. Owing to you, I'm on fire with a brightening of skills and heightened awareness." 
- Barbara Gold Laurence
"After recently becoming very disillusioned after learning how many published artists and competition winners are short cutting the drawing process by tracing a photograph, it was so validating and refreshing to discover RealismLive upheld the integrity of the "real deal!"
- Patricia Caviar
"It was an amazing experience for me specifically because I tend to paint by myself. It was through Streamline videos and Eric Rhoads that I discovered it all. I was so impressed with the passion that things were done...which appealed to me because I think passion brings contentment and love of life. I expected to have more time to paint, but that's because I didn't know how it worked. I also loved the gaiety that went along with the seriousness of the learning. I was very tempted to sign up for the watercolor believe me. Thank you to all involved and keep up doing the wonderful work of pushing the agenda of realism" 
- Francine Proulx Harvey
"I had no clue what to expect from Realism Live being a watercolorist. Within a few minutes I had to paint along listening as Joshua LaRock explained the structure and form of an eye. Over the course of 4 days, figures and portraits began to emerge . I watched great talent and met great talent in the break out rooms but mainly I listened and painted. Realism Live fed life into me and I have advanced in my understanding of a movement I knew little about. I am fired up.
- Barbara Tapp
"I have been sculpting for several years and only recently decided to stop painting pictures in my mind all the time and try learning to actually paint. I feel like my mind is exploding with wonderful new knowledge that helps me put much of the random information I already possess into perspective with a much higher level of understanding. I feel very inspired. Thank you!" 
- Mary LeCompte
"This event was phenomenal in solidifying concepts I thought I knew, filled in some of the gaps, and provided additional information and energy that recharged my batteries and inspired me to keep improving with application and practice with amazing instructors and Team that made it fun. Meeting People around the World filled the gap in the sense of community that being socially distant in 2020 had created." 
- Eugenia Algaze Garcia
"The week was full of incredible demos, instruction, new drawing and painting experiences, fun breakout rooms and fun dancing and chats. What I gained besides learning a bit about oil painting, was the confidence that I can actually learn to draw faces, figures, portraits, or whatever I want! I was a believer that I couldn't draw, so I avoided the subjects of people and figures. After attending Realism Live, I see that I can obtain these skills with some pointed practice. What a gift that is for sure, to open up the world of painting anything! But I will probably still enjoy painting flowers. I need to go back and work on 30 more demos this week and really make you proud, or at least not regret your kindness!" 
- Kaye Licherdell
"I learned so much that I didn’t know! I didn’t know how to determine my gap for where I am now to where I want to go until this conference. I now know what to do to begin shoring up the gap and improving. There were a lot of styles demonstrated and I enjoyed them all. I connected with Rose Frantzen’s style the most. I bought her video and several others. I plan to go back through the conference videos to take in things I may have missed the first time around. I loved the vendor videos too. First class and so much value!! Thank you isn’t enough for putting this together!" 
- Pamela Rhoads
"For 25 years I’ve made my living as a painter. Others sometimes called me an artist, but I lacked the confidence to think of myself as such. A couple of workshops here and there just left me frustrated. While stuck at home because of Covid (and with Covid), I had a lot of time to think about the direction I wanted to take. An ad for PleinAirLive popped up on my FB feed one day and I signed up. It was a real turning point for me. The quality and variety of instruction was amazing! Even better was the way they fostered “community”. When they announced Realism Live, I immediately signed up, not even knowing what that might mean. Once again, I was blown away by the whole experience. Thank you to everyone involved in creating this unique and wonderful Art experience. I am forever grateful!
- Sally Hartfield Bowers
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